Start accepting SEPA Direct Debits. Increase customer retention by 23%.

Use Lyncabank to setup and manage SEPA Direct Debit payments. Enable customers to easily setup and manage eMandates using seamless bank-grade payee identification for your safety. No more late payments. No more card fees.

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No More Late Payments

Help your customers pay you by setting automatic bank transfer for every invoice received from you. Remove payment barriers while giving more control and transparency to the customer. Transfers are always completed on an agreed date. No surprises. No forgets. No late payment fees.

Paperless, Integrated and Automated

Onboard and setup new Direct Debits in a couple of clicks on mobile or desktop. Lyncabank integrates with your existing CRM and billing system via API and automates the complete payment flow. This is good news for your payment costs. And the planet.

Secure and Encrypted

Customers verify identity logging into their digital banking, ensuring bank level verification aligned with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) EU mandate. Both your and customer data is encrypted, GDPR compliant and safely stored for customer's and bank's verification of eMandate. No more, ooops.

Say Bye to Card Fees

Direct Debit connects directly to the bank account removing the need to use bank cards. Getting rid of a middle man reduces cost. Also, by design Direct Debit is significantly more secured and automated way to pay. No more expired cards. No bank card fees.

Frictionless Onboarding
and Checkout

Make onboarding a seamless experience with integrated and pre-populated Direct Debit eMandate in both digital and physical sales channels. Reduce checkout churn by reducing friction and steps needed to complete the journey.

Generate Actionable Insights

Turn your hard-earned data into powerful insights to deepen your understanding of both your customers and your products. Our intuitive dashboard enables you to iterate faster and build more precise what customers love.

Increase customer retention with Direct Debit
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